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The aim of „Let’s Speak Art!” was to provide intercultural experience, give people the opportunity to get to know and to understand other cultures and to show them the power of cooperation within a community in affecting people’s views. That’s why we organized this special exchange programme with young participants from five different countries. During the week they had workshop activities, so as to make a complex work of art about the topic „Cultural Diversity and Xenophobia” by the co-operation of different countries, by the co-creation of young people in the spirit of different culture’s co-existence. Their artisitic creation contained a music and a theatre show and presentations of two videos and a special display panel. The complex show was a part of our intercultural gala-evening due on 20th August 2006 in Zirc town.


The Location: Zirc (www.zirc.hu) can be found in the middle of Veszprém county, 40 kilometres far from Lake Balaton. It is also called the “Capital of Bakony”. Its picturesque environment, fresh air, and its history made the city an attractive tourist centre. The non-governmental initiantions are traditionally active, the relationship with its twin-towns (Transilvania - Barót, Germany - Pohlheim, Finnland - Nivala) is lively.


The Organizer: The Zirc Városi Ifjúsági Fórum (ZVIF – The Youth Forum of Zirc Town) was founded in 1998. It has particular intentions, like pleading the interest of the different age-groups,  get to know new Hungarian partners and partners from oversea, and organising valuable free time activities and programmes. We are also running the Youth Club of our town. Beyond twin town’s relation, we organise and also participate on various international youth programmes.


The Project Idea: The first plan was born in 2005, on a contact making seminar of Layounet network, (www.layounet.net) about organising a special intercultural youth exchange programme where young people of various countries could discuss current problems and the issues of Europe together by using the language of art and gather intercultural experience. This year our topic was „Cultural diversity and xenophobia”. The ZVIF organised the exchange project first time with the intention of making tradition. We wish to carry on this festival every year in different countries with different topics.


Participants: Our programme’s success was due to all the creative, open and active young participiants with whom community shaping was easy. Besides the delegation of Zirc we were pleased to welcome four delegations from Bucharest -Romania, from Katerini -Greece, from the Province of Mantova -Italy, and from Odenwaldkreis -Germany. The age of the participants extends from 16 to 20 and many of them are minority in the given country or have mixed cultural background. This variegation also helped to enrich their work of art.


Fine arts: The 12 members of this worhshop made the so-called „Circle of Co-exsistance”, a special display panel with all of its elements painted and created by a different youngster. These elements were constructed together with the harmony of colours so as to represent different culutures complemetarity. The leader of the workshop was Barnabás Földesi, the art teacher of III.Béla Secondary School. 


Film: The work of its 9 participants was lead by Csaba Wittman, the co-worker of Studio KB of Zirc. The film, which was prepared with enthusiasim, in top secret, can be seen now under the title „Videos”.


Music: 2 active members of the band Cuha Delta Bluesbreakers, Gergely Kőműves and József Bittmann, lead the work of 10 participating musicians. The music-makers were so successful that on the second day, all they needed was name: the „LSA Wonderful Music Band” and made 2 songs and performed them on the gala evening.


Theatre: It was lead by Bálint Vadász, our actor friend form Győr. The 13 member often worked overtime, with no time to rest. On the gala they performed a drama with an astonishing effect.


Media: Its 5 members prepared the articles, pictures and videos which can be found on this DVD and as well on our webpage. The leader was Ádám Tompos, English – Communication major, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, who often writes articles for many Hungarian organs.


Cast (working in the background): The indispensable 4 members were working all day to make the works and free-time activities smooth. Their job was cordinated and by Ilona Encz, councellor of the Government of Zirc, and the foundress of The Youth Forum of Zirc. Her job was also the financial organizingpart of our project.


Free-time: We wanted to add some leisure programmes beside the artworking to make it  more informal, to form community and to get our guests familiar with environment, nature and our culture. We held a night trip, a sightseeing game and went to beach Balatonfűzfő.


Mediapartners: Our programme was not organised only for the youth. We wish to send its message about intercultularity to other people as well with the help of the media. Our partners who helped to make this programme possible:


Veszprémi Napló

Séd TV


Stúdió KB - Zirc

Zirc és Vidéke -közéleti lap és hírportál

Rádió 24 - Dunaújváros

Szentgál TV


Sponsors: Without the cooperation of  the town, this programme would have been impossible. We would like to thank to the following governmental organisations, firms and individuals who gave all kind of assistance to Let’s Speak Art:


Almost all of our expences were covered  with the money from the European Comission (Youth Programme), Mid –Transdanube Regional Youth Board and Youth Board of the Government of County Veszprém on the 5,5 HUF application award.


Other Sponsors




Zirc Város Önkormányzata, Ifjúsági Központ, Balatonfűzfő Önkormányzata, Stúdió KB, Chio-Wolf Kft., Fod Bau Építőipari Kft., Dr. Buda Imre, Pepe Cukrászda, Szociális Szolgáltató Központ, Városüzemeltetési Kht., Park Áruház, Zirci Takarékszövetkezet, Kotra Sándor –címfestő, Palkovics és Tsa Kft., Horváth László, Zirci Zeneiskola, Zirci Arborétum, Apátsági Plébánia Hivatal, Bakonyi Természettudományi Múzeum, Reguly Antal Múzeum és Népművészeti Alkotóház, Reguly Antal Műemlékkönyvtár… és még sokan mások


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